We have lot's of wonderful crafting supplies for today's crafters:

*Dressmaking & Haberdashery


*Needlecraft - Tapestry & Cross-Stitch

*Bead Craft

*Card Craft

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Guardian Angel Chart

  DMC Embroidery Silks

Lavender & Lace

  Lavender & Lace Charts

Mill Hill Beads
Mill Hill Beads

        Mill Hill Beads

What Our Customers Say .....

visited this shop for the first time today. what a joy it was to see so many fabulous fabrics and my daughter and I were made to feel very welcome and was given expert advice on what to buy. will definate shop there again!



I’ve been a patron of the Cloth Shop for many years. This shop and the knowledgeable staff are an absolute treasure. Years ago there used to be material shops in every town!! Now you can search high & wide and not find one, so that’s why I’m so pleased to have this little gem on my doorstep. I can’t recommend them highly enough.



I visited this shop this evening and what a lovely welcome I received, the lady who owns the shop was very friendly and most of all extremely knowledgeable and very willing to share that knowledge.
I was totally overwhelmed with the fabric on sale, all easily seen and some fantastic colours. Once again thank you for your help and I certainly will be visiting this shop on a regular basis.
Kind Regards Sue x



Love this shop. Really helpful and friendly staff, great new ideas and understanding of textiles and crafts which will help me in my degree. Can’t wait to take part in the lampshade workshop!! Thanks Ladies, will definitely be back soon!