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  1. Cutting Board - a sewers saviour!

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           76901 Cutting board montage

    I do tend to go on a bit about the great uses of fabric Cutting Boards, not the self healing type but the cardboard type.

    They come in two sizes, I prefer the larger which folds open to a huge 40 in x 72in, ideal for dress length pattern pieces. I use mine on top of the dining table it overhangs but that's OK as it's stiff board, if  don't need it the full length keep the excees folds on a chair over the edge of the table. You can use it on top of the bed or floor.

    The fabric selvages are lined up accurately with the lines on the edge of the board, and the corresponding lines on the opposite side of the board ensure your fabric is straight, you can then check if the cut ends are straight too. You can pin straight through several layers of fabric and pattern pieces into the board, so any slippy silky fabric is held firm! No more fabric drift or wrinkle! The amount of wedding fabric that has been cut on that board!

    There are great useful lines for cutting curves, even a full circle skirt and bias strips. There are metric and imperial measurements printed. It folds flat and tucks neatly behind a door.

    I consider a Cutting Board as essential as my scissors & sewing machine.