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Wonderful Wondertape!

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Wondertape is a double sided tape 1/4” (6mm) wide, clear and has a low tack, it does not gum up your needle when sewing and it washes away!

This tape is fantastic for helping to insert zips, by placing it on the tape you can place the zip flat in your seam with out any pin bumps – no more pins! The seam will not distort or stretch, which is also useful on knits. You can lift and reposition your zip no problem.

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Use it on leather or plastic where pins can't be used, or bulky upholstry fabrics, to hold seams together. Holds several button loops down when sewing wedding gowns. Use it when inserting piping or trimmings instead of pins especially around curves. If you ever need to sew on badges or Uniform Stripes - use it to hold them in place – pins tend to shift them around!

It's a great helping hand when pins get in the way!

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